Ensuring an appropriate education for every child

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To ensure that all children have access to the appropriate educational programs and services so that they can become educated, productive adults and reach their full, individual potential. 

To educate and empower parents about the special education process and help them have the knowledge of their rights so they can best advocate for their children.

About Us

Victoria Sanjuan has been advocating for children with learning differences for over 15 years.  She is the parent of three children, two of whom are neurodiverse. She brings both an understanding of being the parent and the knowledge of special education law to best support both parents and their children.   She has worked as an interpreter and translator for the Special Education Department in several districts and has attended hundreds of CSE meetings. She has a BA from Boston University and has attended the Wrights law Special Education and Law Training and is an active member of COPAA and NSEAI.

My purpose is to educate and support parents in their journey in special education.  I want to ensure that students receive the education that will enable them to be successful adults and to reach their full potential. 

An expert who can help parents understand and navigate the special education system for their child

  • Teach parents about services, programs, and accommodations that meet their children’s individual needs
  • Interpret reports and evaluations, as well as explaining their implications and helping parents understand them.
  • Help parents understand the language and laws of special education.
  • Write requests, responses, and complaints to schools
  • Help parents with submitting written requests
  • Help parents prepare for IEP and 504 meetings including suggesting programs, accomodations, modifications and writing goals goals.
  • Review special education documents for accuracy and completion both before and after IEP and 504 meetings
  • Monitor a students progress
  • Support parents when they are overwhelmed.
  • Attend  IEP and 504 meetings with parents.

It is easy to be overwhelmed at a CSE meeting.   An advocate can make sure your ideas, suggestions and concerns are heard. The special education process is full of terms and laws.  Advocates help make sure that you understand them and make them worked for your child.  Evaluations are lengthy and complicated. Advocates review your records and help you understand them. They also suggest further evaluations and what services/programs can be requested for your child. The IEP is a contract between you and the school.  Advocates teach you how to review the IEP and make sure nothing is omitted. IEP goals need to be measurable and specific.  Advocates can help write goal suggestions to ensure your input and review the District’s goals to ensure they are complete. It’s important to have someone who can keep a record of events. CSE meetings and other issues with the district are emotional. Having an advocate by your side can keep you calm.  It is easier to collaborate to ensure your child’s success form a leveled headed position.  Advocates review your documents and see what is missing and help you understand your options. Advocate’s charge less than half what a special education attorney does and can help you in most of the same ways.  A lawyer brings the district’s attorney and discussions can become adversarial. Often bringing an advocate can keep the process more collaborative.

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